Sunday, April 26, 2009

My first elk sheds!!

Here is the picture that I promised you. These are the Elk and Deer sheds that me and Travis found the other weekend!!  The small ones are mine and the big ones are Trav's.  Ha Ha

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just a little update...

Well, I am now 26 and officially an old woman!! ha ha I guess I'm not that old, I'm just feeling a lot older!! My birthday was fantastic!! I went to school and my class threw me a surprise party!! They are so cute and it was a lot of fun! I have some amazing parents! After school I went up to Trav's house and he had decorated the whole living room with balloons and all sorts of fun things! It was a fun surprise. After that, we went to dinner and the movies with my dad and had a good time. I got lots of fun things and really enjoyed my birthday!! I'm glad that I have great friends, family and a wonderful boyfriend!!
This weekend was really eventful and super fun!! On Sarturday we (me and Trav) went to Las Vegas to go to the drag races. (that was part of my birthday present) and watched the races!! I have never been, so I was really excited. I can't believe how fast those cars are!! They shook my whole body! (it was crazy) Then on Sunday (because it was conference and we didn't have church) Me and Trav, along with Jessie, Jon, and their cute little girl Mylie went out four wheeling. We went out looking for elk sheds and I FOUND MY FIRST ONE!! It was really exciting until a few minutes later when Trav came back with one twice the size of mine. Oh well, it was exciting anyways. Trav found an Elk shed and two deer sheds!! One of them was enormous!! It was a really fun day and a good ending to a great weekend!!