Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Boyfriend is the BEST!!

I'm just sitting here at school and hating life. IT IS PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE WEEK!! It is the worst time for a teacher. We have to be to work early, stay late, and then we have to have meetings with all of the parents. I get really grumpy and I am in a bad mood most of the week. However, while I am sitting here, I am thinking of how great Travis is to me and how much I appreciate him. Yesterday, he made me lunch and brought it to me. I know that this doesn't seem like much, but it really meant a lot to me. I had a really long day ahead of me and going without lunch just would have made it worse. Then he fixed dinner for me and I just can't thank him enough. He is always so thoughtful and helping me out!! He really means al ot to me!! I love him so much!! Just thought that I would get my thoughts out today!! Hope that everyone is doing well!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Four Wheelin Fun!!

This weekend was a blast!! On Friday night me and Travis went to dinner and then did a little shopping. Nothing too exciting, but we had a good time!! Then on Saturday a group of us headed down to Mesquite to do a little four wheelin. We rode out to Lake Mead and had a picnic. It was a cold drive, but definately worth it. (Travis definately likes to go fast) When we got to the Lake, it was beautiful and such a nice day. We hung out for a while and ate our lunch. We even saw a plane that took off in the water and then looped around and landed again. It was pretty cool!! It was a perfect day!! Travis took some pictures, so I'll have to put those on later!! Thanks Meagan and Reece for inviting us!! We had a lot of fun and we'll have to get together again soon!!